Feb 23 2011

What is Silenced No More About? And What Does This Have to do with Corporate Censorship of Music?

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Silenced no more is for musicians who have been told that they are too positive or too controversial to be played on radio by major record companies, which then censor the artists music by telling them that only songs about drinking and partying, or being a “Gansta” “sell”. However with every song on the radio being about partying or being a “Gansta” and often a combination of them, one can see this is not true, as records sales are going down with record companies closing, look at what happened to Capital Records. If that was what “sold” then record sales would be going up.

The truth is that record companies have been purchases by other larger corporations who see music a means to sell their other products like alcohol.

When are artists wants to sing about something else then he is censored and either not signed or given radio play. You have probably heard of video game censorship, but what about the censorship of the media and music? Of course you wold not hear of it as the only sorce to here of it from would be the media that is censoring information. With all major media in the U.S. being owned by 6 corporations this is not hard (by gomez). These same corporations are working hard to censor the internet too.

We don’t have to let soulless corporations control what we as a culture artistically produce. We will fight for our right to free speech and a free press. We will fight censorship. We will be silenced no more.

This site is for you and all those that still believe in the constitution of
the united states and FREEDOM.

This site is for musicians who want to make a difference and will be silenced no more.

Here are some examples of censorship-articles.

Feb 23 2011

We will be Silenced No More

We will be silenced no more by Corporate shackles censoring what our artists say limiting their free speech, they are one of our most valuable assets.

Today all media is owned by corporations who only care about one thing, making money, not informing people. In fact they will show you the latest gossip rather than what is happening with your government, because the gossip sells more. This is harming society, not helping it in anyway. All news comes from one source, the Associated Press, if you think you are hearing anything close to the whole picture on your nightly news program you are sadly mistaken. If there is something the corporate bigwigs don’t like they will silence it, that is censorship.

Corporate Controlled Music

Photo illustrating the corporate control of the media which silences free speech. We will be silenced no more.Did you ever wonder why every new song on the radio is about drinking and partying, and they keep mentioning liquor brand names, like an ad? What if I told you that the liquor companies own some the the music companies? What if I told you the record companies are rewriting musician’s songs to talk about just that so they can sell liquor?

Did you ever wonder why every rap song on the radio is about drugs, drinking and sex? What if I told you that the record companies won’t even sign a rapper if he does not rap about these topics, and if somehow one gets in, they will tell the radio stations not to play the artist. Since all the radio stations in the U.S. are owned by a few corporations this is pretty easy.

What if all the the music companies where paying the radio stations to play what the radio stations play and the stations refused to play any other music than what the record companies said, making it impossible for an independent musician to make it big? Well that is exactly what is happening.

Kids doing drugs

Does this sound like free speech or censorship?

Is this really helping society?

Don’t you think that this message constantly played to kids might influence how they act? Haven’t things been getting worse since artists lost their freedom of expression? No more songs about hope or changing the world and making it a better place. Only songs about “Shots”, “Patron” or “Ass”.

So what do we do?

This site is for musicians who have been told that they are too positive or too controversial to be played on the radio, or who have just been straight up F’ed over by the record companies, shelved and left out to dry.

This site is for musicians who want to make a difference with their music. Let us know if you want your voice to be heard. This site gives musicians a chance to network and hold concerts with like minded individuals. This site is free speech. We will be silent no more.

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