Feb 14 2012

Payday Monsanto “The Complex” Music Video & Lyrics

Payday Monsanto “The Complex”

The Complex is about the military industrial complex controlling our government wanting to keep it in a perpetual war so they can get rich.

It’s time we ended control of the U.S. government by special interests. Make lobbying illegal, and prosecute politicians for bribery. Additionally campaign donations should only come from individual people who actually vote in the election of that official. Most elected officials get over 80% of their funding from other sates, so how can they represent their district when the people of their district are not funding them?

Payday Monsanto “The Complex” Music Video

Payday Monsanto “The Complex” Lyrics

(I hate your fucking games,
But I love you all so much
Sometimes you got overcome with greed.
It’s your arrogants I need.)

I got higher education for you
Vaccinations for you,
and all kinds of experimental medications for ya.
I got professors and doctors and indoctrinated kids
And media outlets to tell you how great it is.
We concentrated it, now you must depend upon,
Banking institutions integrated with the Pentagon.
It’s been said we spread malice and greed
But the benefits are limitless: We’ve got everything you need!


While you were sleeping
We came and took it all away
You can bet the farm on that
You never saw us creeping
And that’s how it’s going to stay
That’s why they say, that’s why they say, that’s why they say.
I hate your fucking guts
But I love you all so much
You make me overcome with greed
But you’re everything I need.

You’re the only one that can make me leave my home.
It’s like you’ve got a gun pointed at my dome.
Who are you going to believe?
Kooky conspiracy theorists whose shits been discredited
Just because we said it is?
I know we’ve been noted to see
But we’ve improved upon our record
Just take our word for it in your sedative.
You’re inevitably headed towards a filthy dirty state
Your name is THX 1138
Whether you like it or not,
I’m George Orwell’s ghost,
Hosting a party and exposing the plot.
And talking about heat; giving you one in the dark.
Ask McDaddy Cain Bang will tell you I warm it up.
Please find this as infamous for givin niggers stitches
Ask I’m on a roll towards delicious riches (by gomez)
My philosophies coincide with Chris”
In so many ways stop the violence and kill the dissers.
He’s been saying that shit for 30 years
Still he got more mothers than ever him crying mercy tears.


Knowledge is dangerous potentially used in the wrong fashion
The wisdom is safety: Distinguish between knowledge and wisdom.

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May 20 2011

You’re Not a Conspiracy Theorist if You are Willing to Investigate Things That Don’t Make Sense

explosion conspiracy theorist talk
I have a viewpoint to express here.

There is a contention that getting into “conspiracy theories” is just bad news and should be avoided. Keep everything rosy and everything will come out alright.

I personally think that at this juncture in history, this is just another form of non confront and actually destructive and a wrong action.

Here is why I say this about “conspiracy theories”. Here’s an analogy…

A group are all walking through a grassy area of southern California in the dry season in the summer. They enter the forest and are strolling along on a very nice day.

Some bum in the woods, went to sleep with a lit cigarette and the inevitable brush fires start.

Pretty soon, someone in the group starts to smell smoke and says, “hey, I smell smoke.”

One person in the group, who has some stature, says, “Knock that off, that’s just bad news. We are here taking a walk to enjoy the forest, so just chill. We don’t need that crap.”

The guy hushes up and keeps walking. Soon, the smoke gets heavier and it begins to become hard to breathe. That same guy, plus a few others start to say, “Someone must have set fire to this place. Smell that smoke?”

The big guy again says, “Hey man, knock of the fire theories! It’s just bad news!” They quiet down, but they are losing their composure, as the smoke is thick in the air.

It starts to get so bad that they have to put their shirts over their noses, as the smoke begins to sting. Eyes are watering and it’s getting hard to breathe, but they have been reprimanded several times about spreading bad news…

“You are broadcasting bad news – it’s a generality and there’s no handling. This is upsetting the rest of the group.”

Meanwhile, the majority of the group has put on their sunglasses, to block the bright flashes from the flames and they’ve got Kleenex over their noses to keep them from choking on the smoke.

Many are coughing, but blame it on having been smokers for so long…

Soon, they encounter flames to the rear and they try to escape, but can’t because they are engulfed in flames from a raging fire…

They all die in that fire, but if they had heeded the warnings early, they could have put it out, by calling the fire brigade.

This is a very mild version of what is happening right now on planet earth. The place is on fire, and the media says, “No fire. Everything is just fine.”

The planet is in the hands of the most insane bunch of crooks who are on a stepped up timetable to take out the U.S. as it blocks their strategy of enslavement.

The machinery is in motion and some courageous Americans are raising hell, only to be told “you’re a conspiracy theorist.” As if that admonition constituted any real investigation…

Alex Jones, being criticized for interrupting others he interviews is beyond me. He is the guy on the bridge of a sinking ship, yelling his lungs out and the blind ones, say, why is he so loud?

I post this stuff, because if we as Americans are aware of it, there are things all of us can do—such as vote in the next Presidential elections for the few politicians that are still in existence that could change the game before it gets too late. Such as not having vaccines injected into your children and demanding enmasse that GMO foods be abolished. Demanding that the US government stops it’s reckless printing of money and realizing that our economic troubles and unemployment is not at all random—but well planned. How about abolishing the Federal Reserve?

If we knew what was going on, we could prevent the inevitable disaster that is about to happen. We have the power to stop it, if we know it. Keeping everything nice and rosy while the ship is sinking is just plain s-t-u-p-i-d.

Just because it gets upsetting is no reason why you don’t know what is actually going on in your environment. Maybe it’s time to get upset and get into a confront. There are many things you can do—but if you have no clue what’s going on, you will only do what everyone else is doing—keeping their heads in “comfortable” dark holes in the ground.

I say, the time is urgent and the time is now to get some real info—not the false data pumped out by the mainstream media, but do some investigation to sort out the facts from the B.S. and then we work out what to do.

That someone else in authority has the facts does not take away your own responsibility in knowing what the devil is occurring around you. You investigating it and not agreeing with them does not make you a “conspiracy theorist”.

Since when did the great leaders of the world, the true leaders, say to not know and not confront? Every individual is fully responsible for awareness of the factors that influence his life. Living is a team activity. It cannot be conducted separate from one’s fellows. What happens in Washington, or in Keokuk will come back to Los Angeles or New York or Clearwater or San Diego and Italy and France and China and vice versa.

If you think the riots in Egypt have nothing to do with Americans and the inflation here, you are missing some vital facts. If you think that the saber rattling on Iran has nothing to do with you and you can do nothing about it, you are sadly mistaken.

World War III, which is being planned and has everything to do with the sentence above, will impinge on every single one of us. It won’t be nice. Even if you never see a gunshot, it will change everything about your life and liberty.

So, I take this opportunity to say to everyone, open your eyes and look. What you see will likely shock you, if you are just looking really for the first time. But we have numerous action steps that anyone and everyone can take. We don’t have the necessity level though, because if we did, there would be a lot more fur flying in the political arena—on things which we have complete power to control.

I don’t apologize for shaking things up, because, I know that if I know what I know about the real agenda for the planet and I keep my mouth shut because I am worried about upsetting someone and we don’t do the things in society that we can do now, down the road I will owe one and all a huge apology for being plain treasonous, but you know what? That will be too late.

Planet earth is on fire and if you don’t smell the smoke, open your nose.

That doesn’t give you an okay to cave in or collapse or go into worry or upset. It is your chance to work out what you can do right now and get going on it.

The first thing is to look at who is actually qualified to replace the current White House puppets and work with them to get the USA back on its feet.

After that, get moving on your next steps to personally flourish and prosper.

This message isn’t to say I am perfect. I am far from it. It isn’t to criticize anyone, or say that what you are doing isn’t okay. I am saying that if you don’t know what is really going down, you are going to be ineffective in stopping it.

I say, that if you are sitting in an illusion that all is well, you will never raise your necessity level sufficiently to meet reality. And necessity is the mother of invention isn’t it?

Wake up. Conspiracy is no theory. It’s as old as mankind and unfortunately it’s time to see and act. Not out of fear or reactivity, but out of knowledge and common sense!

I also have a pretty long list of simple steps that everyone can do and if everyone does, we will see changes. So, this is not bad news, it’s screaming cuz the ship is on the rocks. All is not well, and it’s only common sense to know that there’s a nut outside your house with a gun—you don’t send you kids out and you call the cops, right?

I am here to answer questions and help anyone who needs it. There are answers, but if you don’t know the situation, you will be applying the wrong tools to handle it.

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