Nov 1 2011

Occupy Phoenix, Unusual Occurrence: Militias Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights To Protect

It looks like the Media’s fear mongering outfits like and AM radio stations. Are falling on deaf ears.

In Phoenix, a local Conservative militia came out to protect the protesters from police brutality.

I’m sure this has the Corporate Media monopolies running scared, they have been working hard to keep people divided into either the “Liberal” or “Conservative” classification. If people start coming together to stop the corporate power grab despite their torrent of lies and distraction what will they do?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, this will never get airplay in the mainstream media.

7 Responses to “Occupy Phoenix, Unusual Occurrence: Militias Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights To Protect”

  • Nestor Paz Says:

    You mean an armed neo-Nazi group joins in solidarity with Occupy Phoenix.

  • RON Says:

    The man in this video is a known neo-nazi and member of an armed anti-illegal border guard group. Not really who you would want on your side.

  • John Says:

    Who cares if he’s a neo-nazi? From the stance he’s taking, he’s not pulling his racist beliefs into his political beliefs. There could be Jewish people behind him, but he doesn’t care, does he? He’s not protecting those people because they’re not Jewish, he’s protecting them because there is a possibility the protesters could be attacked by the police. It’s not a matter of racism for him. It’s a matter of protecting fellow man.

  • kwerekwere Says:

    y’all don’t get it? the “99%” means…. ALMOST EVERYBODY. it means people you like, along with people you don’t like — and to be honest, if any of you had been, oh, paying attention to the “fringe lunatic groups” that the corporate media have been rubbishing for the past 25 or so years, you would know that on the economic front, neo-nazi groups and black militant/nationalist groups [to use one of many examples] have always said remarkably similar things.

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