Dec 8 2011

Did the U.S. Senate Commit Treason by Passing NDAA?

by Jeanine Molloff

john-mccainDecember 1st, 2011, the US Senate accomplished the unthinkable–with the nearly unanimous passage of the National Defense Authorization Bill of 2012–they committed treason. Written and planned in secret by the Senate Armed Services Committee, the newly minted NDAA contains three sections which collectively  sanctions indefinite detention of alleged terrorists or ‘terrorist sympathizers’–anywhere in the world including the US– and designates the military the duty to arrest, imprison and interrogate without benefit of counsel,’ accused civilians here on Main Street.  Ironically, the abuse of civilian Iraqis by our military and by military contractors is coming to a locale near you.  Theoretically, armed squads of US soldiers might be knocking on your door in the dead of night to take away Auntie Mame for her alleged ‘terrorist’ activities—at the ACLU.  This bill potentially allows for the blatant political prosecutions of any dissenter using the military as a bully club to instill deep fear in any who dare to question our government’s motives.

No proof of wrongdoing is required and those accused are denied the due process right of trial by their peers, or the services of an attorney– and are subsequently relegated to the ‘military commissions justice system.’  As a result–the accused are reduced to the status of ‘unlawful enemy combatant,’ and are subject to the following actions: ‘extroardinary rendition’, ‘enhanced interrogation’ procedures, ‘indefinite detention to possibly a  life sentence, and ‘presidential assigned extermination of target’ .  These powers are then ‘given’ to the President to use at will, fully codified in law,while requiring in reality no proof other than presidential whim.

It is at this juncture that I find the timing of this bill suspicious–coinciding with the exponential growth of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the recent implosion of both EU and US economies, the emerging body of proof  documenting Wall Street’s enormous crimes, and the Super Committee threat to cut military funding.  It almost looks like the robber barons of Wall Street ‘circling the wagons’ in a fit of legislative revenge against the rabble, namely you and I.

History of NDAA 2012 Sections 1031, 1032, and 1033-35…another AUMF
Senate Commits Treason This bill was co- written by the powerful Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Senator Carl Levin (D) and the Senate Minority Leader John McCain, with Senator Lindsey Graham assigning himself as main cheerleader. The deliberations were kept secret and any debate was forbidden.  Crafted under the auspices of keeping our nation

‘safe from terrorism’—the entire world including the US is now

classified as a battlefield with indefinite timelines.   Anyone broaching the question of due process rights is shouted down as ‘soft on terrorism’—mainly by Senator Graham.  In fact, here is an example of how Senator Graham views the issues of due process rights:

…”If you’re an American citizen and you betray your country, you’re going to be questioned about what you know,”  …”and you’re not going to be given a lawyer if our national security interests dictate that you not be given a lawyer and go into the criminal justice system, because ‘we’re not fighting crime, we’re fighting a war.”

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  • Syntrel Says:

    Fuck them and their fascist laws. Between the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act, the NDAA, SOPA, PROTECT IP and the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, you’d have to be a mindless sheep to not see the writing on the wall. Unfortunately we have more than enough sheep in this country. I’m no sheep, and if they think I’ll cower in my home afraid of speaking my mind or “more”, they got another thing coming.

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