Nov 3 2011

Have corporations overplayed their hand – is the backlash now underway?

Boulder, Colorado passed by a 3-to-1 margin an amendment that says corporations are not people and money is not speech and 6 Senators introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Have corporations overplayed their hand – is the backlash now underway?

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4 Responses to “Have corporations overplayed their hand – is the backlash now underway?”

  • Kyle Shire Says:

    I completely agree, but I find it ironic that you cite the ammendment that abolished slavery because the same ammendment was the one that redefined what a person under the protection of the Constitution constitutes, meaning it’s the ammendment that made Corporations the same as people. And it probably wouldn’t have been passed had that clause not been added.

    • Ben Says:

      Corporate person-hood was not given by amendment to the constitution. It was the result of a supreme court case (Dartmouth College v. Woodward – 1918) to give corporations protections under the 14th amendment.

  • Elaine Says:

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  • Southern Beale Says:

    I first learned of the whole corporate personhood idea back in 2003 in when I read this Orion article on the topic. The article talks about a couple of communities which passed ordinances stating corporate personhood didn’t apply within their borders ways back in the ’90s. Perhaps someone should get in touch with Thomas Linzey and find out how he did it.

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