Jul 14 2011

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Owns 2012 GOP Candidates

FOX-NEWS-2012-largeReport on a new, subversive development for Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News: almost all of the main potential Republican candidates for the presidency are on the channel’s payroll as commentators, raising questions of corruption and bribery by Fox News’ owner as the 2012 campaign approaches.

Ron Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and, obviously, Sarah Palin have expressed interest in running for President of the United States. All are well compensated political commentators for Fox News.

“Except for Mitt Romney, Fox presently has deals with every major potential Republican presidential candidate not presently in office,” Politico’s Jonathan Martin and Keach Hagey write.

“Fox insiders, speaking anonymously about what is a sensitive topic for a network worried about outside perception, said no word has been conveyed from the corporate brass to reporters about how to treat what are, for now at least, their colleagues.”

“People from other networks are frustrated that, while major newsmakers for example Palin routinely show up on Fox News, the network’s tight contractual strings mostly prevent its mass of Republican stars from being questioned on every other channels, even C-SPAN. From the four potential candidates, only Gingrich has made an appearance on another channel in most of 2010.” Reports the Hufington Post.

But this really is of little importance in comparison to the fact that other networks don’t mention the glaring manipulation of American politics by fox news’ owner Rupert Murdoch. They fail to consider the fact that the News Corporation’s actions are boarding on fascism, yet no government bodies appear to be investigating Rupert Murdoch, Fox News or his News Corporation. Controlling the news and what political figures say is the cornerstone of any totalitarian state.

This really is blatantly played down where it’s reported on at all, for instance within the Huffington Post it’s made out to be some interesting bit of information like there aren’t any conflicts of interest occurring or that this might actually be endangering our liberties and reshaping what Americans think and do in a highly destructive manner.

Frankly if you can’t see this as an assault on our freedoms in the worst type of way then you don’t really understand what our freedoms are and what power the press has when used as a political tool. Look at Iraq for example, no Iraqi has to this day killed an American on American soil yet Fox News and other news stations promoted the invasion of this country like it was going to save us from certain doom. Now one million Iraqis are dead and we are still in the country, the press does not even bother to explain why, they keep us distracted with stories about things that are hardly important at all.

With some of Rupert Murdoch’s underhanded tactics finally emerging it’s time he was fully investigated and his media monopoly destroyed forever.

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  • Algebra Works Says:

    I feel safer under this presidency. Republican’s like Bill O’Riley will say something, shoot from the hip, and I look it up and find that the facts never support his spews 100 percent of the time. And then I hear his followers say the same thing. information is accessible but do they ever research before going out n a limb? The Fox followers won’t research. They are determined to have what ever propaganda expelled by Fox news be true. In their minds it is clear that what ever They FEEL is the gospel; just because one FEELs like saying it doesn’t make it the truth. When proved wrong, go off on a tangent?

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