Aug 16 2012


The Corporation is today’s dominant institution, creating great wealth but also great harm. This 26 award-winning documentary examines the nature, evolution, impacts and future of the modern business corporation and the increasing role it plays in society and our everyday lives.

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Jun 24 2011

Rebuild the Dream Featuring Van Jones, The Roots & Shepard Fairey


Watch highlights from last night’s Rebuild the Dream launch event—then share it with everyone you know.

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Jun 16 2011

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich: The Truth About the Economy in Less Than 2 Minutes, 15 Seconds

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said he could explain the problems with the economy in less than 2 minutes, 15 seconds—and he did it (with illustrations to boot). It’s great! Check it out.

Who knew he could draw?!

Originally submitted by MoveOn.

Apr 13 2011

Choose the 16 Corporations or We the People?

If you agree that we can’t allow American taxpayers to be robbed by 16 international corporations who pay to manipulate our government so that we pay more, and they pay less to operate it, please use the tools you have at your disposal — your social network — to share this video and make the truth go viral.

We may not have our own news channel, but We the People, using our intersecting spheres of influence, can challenge the corporately-generated narrative about how our tax dollars should be spent. We believe our money should be invested in America’s future. They believe our money should be spent on tax breaks for the wealthy and tax giveaways for corporations.

The disproven framework by which the corporate agenda is sold to unsuspecting voters is called trickle-down economics: the notion that if enough of our tax dollars are given to the wealthy, some of them will come back to us in the form of jobs and charitable donations. It was a theory. We tried it. But look at the results.

Mar 20 2011

Jesse Ventura On Torture & 9/11

Jesse Ventura vs. Fox & Friends, Smacks Down Brian Kilmeade’s Torture & 9/11 Propaganda

British ruling releases memo on ‘inhuman’ treatment of Guantanamo Bay prisoner
“After a lengthy legal battle, the British government was forced Wednesday to release in full a document describing what a judge called the “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” meted out to a former Guantanamo Bay inmate while he was in U.S. custody… the summary describes the techniques used in Mohamed’s interrogation while in U.S. custody… The seven paragraphs did not address more serious torture allegations by Mohamed, who says that he was severely beaten, left in stress positions and his genitals were sliced with a scalpel during repeated interrogations after his arrest in Pakistan. His lawyers say those sessions took place under U.S. auspices… Binyam Mohamed, a British resident… was arrested in Karachi, Pakistan, on a passport violation in 2002… At Guantanamo Bay, Mohamed was to be tried on charges that he was plotting with Al Qaeda to detonate a “dirty bomb” in the U.S. But all charges against him were dropped in October 2008″

Mar 17 2011

14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

American has fallen into almost every defining characteristic of fascism.

Do you agree?